About the Author

Charles E. Williams introduces himself as "I'm Chuck Williams, a printer by trade [Over 25 years as a print shop owner, estimator, and in-house printer.] a preacher [ Over 15 years as an open air evangelist, pastor , mission chaplain and a non-profit evangelistic organization director.] by calling and is now 'Tent Making' as semi-retired while at the same time writing and publishing Bible Study materials to equip the church." His latest project began in January of 2007 with the study of psalm 119, resulting in his present work on "Winning @ Life 24/7", in four volumes. 
Charles holds a B.D. in English Bible and a Doctor of Ministry in Urban Missions.

Dr. Williams lives in Gilbert, AZ with his eldest daughter and her family.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at gospelherald@cox.net.