Winning @ Life 24/7

A book designed to be used in the Bible study of Psalm 119. Included is the text and discussion of the Psalm, Bible study principles, Bible study tools, a Word Index, and Applications Questions written to deepen a Christians love for the Word of God. Included is a Word Index, study tools plus a selection from The Bible Biographical Index & The Connection, provides an overall view of the life of David as shepherd, warrior and king, and poet, all in one place. Presented as a self-paced and self-discovery tool.


Street Preaching for the 21st Century, Revised.

The original idea of this book was developed from my Doctor of Ministry in 1992, which was formatted and developed for self-publication as a book and a two-hour training video on Urban Open Air Evangelism. It is included here as a PDF of the book.


I’m More than a Name.

Developed while in Reno, about 2003, for a group of pastors. Centers around developing Bible character.