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My Books
Don’t Quit,” Pulpit Helps, Volume 29, Number 2, February, 2004. This is a personal testimony of the author with a person on the street who called himself, “Christian.” He became a changed person through the person of Jesus Christ. A very remarkable story, and is a reprint from “Street Preaching for the 21st Centruy.”

Open Air Evangelism Can Be Successful,” Pulpit Helps, Volume 29, Number 3, March, 2004. A summary of the author’s Doctor of Ministry project as submitted to Westminister Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, 1992.

The Bible Biographical Index & The Connection,” Charles E. Williams, Publisher, 2000, in paper-back and CD. Track Bible characters through the Bible by proper name, noun and personal pronoun.

Does Street Preaching Still Work in the City?” Urban Missions, Volume 12, Number 3, March, 1995.

Growing in the Lord,” a 16-page self-published pamphlet, 1994, revised 2003. A pamphlet designed to be used with people who were met while doing open air evangelism in the cities of America. The approach is to those who are: 1. unsaved, 2. became saved and is looking for the next step to grow in the Lord, and 3. to those who think they are saved, but have no idea what is means to be saved.

Street Preaching for the 21st Century,” a 230-page textbook, Gospel Herald Ministries, 1991; revised, 2003 for PDF format.

Street Preaching for the 21st Century,” a two-hour training video, Gospel Herald Ministries, 1990.

Revival the Psalm 119 Way,” self published 32-page booklet, Charles E. Williams, Publisher, 2012

Where The Highway Ends,” Geneva Hamilton, Published by, Williams Printing Co., Cambria, CA.

A Neglected Press Teaches us About Maintenance,” In-Plant Reproductions, March 1993, p34-35.

A Morningstar interview with a man who is making a difference in our lonely cities.” Morningstar: McLean, VA, 1994, p22-26.