Psalms 119 Unlocked – Living & Loving God’s Word – Volume #1 – Digital


A 154-page book designed to be used in the Bible study of Psalm 119. Included is the text and discussion of the Psalm, Bible Study principles from the Psalm, Bible study tools, a Word Index, Application Questions designed to deepen a Christians love for the Word of God.


Not all Christians have read the Bible cover-to-cover. In fact, it may be that the only time many Christians read the Bible is at church once a week. How can a Christian have “victory in Jesus” when they do not even know what the Bible says? Reading Psalm 119 will give us an understanding of why Christians should not only be reading and studying the Word of God on a daily basis, but living out God’s Word. Psalm 119 is more than the longest chapter of the Bible: It is a psalm of contrasts within the unchanging Word of God. Every verse of this psalm is rich in thought and action about life in general and how the writer — possibly young David as a shepherd — behaved toward
1) those who were against him,
2) those who were in a position of power,
3) his own personal issues, and
4) his God.
General Theme. There is much to be gleaned from this psalm, which can help us model godliness for our children, grandchildren, and those whose lives we touch on a daily basis. The author holds God’s Word supreme in his life, and it seems that his purpose — no matter what happens — is to never shame or embarrass his God. God’s Word Will. The prominent, underlying theme throughout Psalm 119, is that the Word of God is God’s Word, and as such, will bless the person who walks in It (v1); cleanse the way of a young man (v9); give life (vv17, 50) and comfort (v52) to those who love It. Verse 165 assures us that when we as believers love God’s law, we can have great peace and will be prevented from falling and stumbling through life. These are just a few instances of what the Word of God can do for the person who reads and acts upon what It says. The Psalm’s Structure: Words for The Word of God. Psalm 119 is well-known for having with-in almost every verse a reference to the concept of the Word of God; i.e., Precepts, the Word, the Law, Testimonies, Statutes, Judgments, and Commandments and Ordinances. These words will be best understood if we refer to them all as the Word of God. It is what God said, through others. For example, when Moses stated, “…thus says the Lord,” it meant that God Himself spoke; it came from God and the writer recorded it as coming from God. God was the Source, not man. God used prophets, priests, kings, and other individuals to make His Word known, and in one instance wrote the Sabbath Law with His own finger (Exodus 31:18). In Psalm 19, David, the author, used five of the above terms for God’s Word and further asserted that they are more desired than fine gold and sweeter than the honeycomb — two similes also used to some degree in Psalm 119.


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